Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church

United by a shared faith in a loving God


The Mission of Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church is to serve God through Jesus Christ.


As a church we are committed to:

  • Preaching the Word and celebrating God's love through Jesus Christ to all who seek to know God and learn about Jesus Christ.

  • Being a caring, inclusive and nurturing place of worship for our members and our faith community.

  • Learning more about our diverse cultures as a congregation and as individuals, rejoicing in that diversity to worship God and embracing our multi-cultural nature to spread the Word to others.

  • Offering support, encouragement and respect to each congregational member and the congregation as a whole in their search to know God and understand God's will.

  • Maintaining a strong communication link between our members and church leaders about our church programs and the future of our congregation.

  • Reaching out to our local neighborhood with specific ideas and programs to help the community and to strengthen the bond between our neighbors and our church.

  • Expanding our outreach globally to help those who have needs greater than our own. 

  • Exploring and expanding the artistic life of our church and reaching out to the artistic Lincoln Center community to build better relationships and to create a home for the arts.

  • Working to accomplish our mission in joy and love for the Lord and for each other.