The Session 

Presbyterians believe all church members have a responsibility for ministry.  Each member, having been baptized, is called to faith in Jesus Christ and to share that faith in ministry to others.  Each member has a gift that is vital to the congregation.  Session members (or Ruling Elders) are chosen by the congregation to discern the church's fidelity to the Word of God, and to strengthen and nurture it's faith and life.

The Session of Good Shepherd-Faith (elected by the congregation) oversees our congregational life, both spiritual and financial.  As we do not currently have a full-time pastor, the session (composed of 10 members) is moderated by Rev. Anne Conroy. Session members participate in committees and the whole session makes decisions based on committee recommendations.

We are also very fortunate to have Reverend In Whan Rheem as our regular supply pastor.

Membership provides opportunities for both personal and spiritual growth, as well as active Christian service in this church and community.

New Members are generally received into church membership during our Joint Communion services - the first Sunday of the Month.

We encourage prospective members to attend New Membership Classes, which are offered throughout the year.

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You are invited to make a journey of faith with Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church.  Join us for worship, study and learn with us, serve with us, and know that you are joining a Christian community dedicated to learning God's will for us as individuals and as a congregation.

New Member Class Topics include:

  1. The Christian Life
  2. The Presbyterian Way
  3. Good Shepherd-Faith and Worship
  4. New Members Service

The sanctuary decorated for Christmas

Maundy Thursday service in the sanctuary

Maundy Thursday Service and Agape Meal celebrated in the sanctuary

Reverend and Mrs. In Whan Rheem celebrating their 50th anniversary. Rev. Rheem is our congregation's Pulpit Supply Pastor.

Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church

How to become a member of good shepherd-faith church

The Cross: The Celtic cross represents the incarnate love of God in Jesus Christ and his passion and resurrection. 

The Pulpit: Or lectern captures the important role of preaching in the history of Presbyterian worship.

The Dove: The slightly-flared top of the Celtic cross represents a descending dove -  a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The dove also symbolizes Christ's baptism by John and the peace and wholeness which his death and resurrection bring to a broken world.

The Fish:  Within the shape of the descending dove we see the body of the bird in the form of a fish, an early-Christian sign for Christ, recalling his ministry to those who hunger. 

The Cup: Represents the communion chalice.

The Fire:  The flames represent the burning bush when God spoke to Moses as a symbol of revelation in the Old Testament when God spoke to Moses from the burning bush as well as a suggestion of the beginning of the Christian church when Christ manifested himself to his apostles at Pentecost and charged them to be messengers of the good news of God's love.

The Book: The representation of an open book highlights the emphasis which the Reformed tradition has placed on the role of Scripture as a means of knowing God's word.

The Trinity: The triangle also suggests the nature of Presbyterian government which divides authority between ministers of the Word and laypersons and between different governing bodies. It also represents, In Reformed theology, the covenant, which God establishes with people to affirm God's enduring love and to call us to faith and obedience to Jesus Christ.

The Session (left to right):  Chu-ja Kim, Edward Sohn, Angela Chun, Hanhi Yoon (Co-Clerk), John Gingrich, Moderator Rev. Anne Conroy, Michael Nelson, Marie Stephen, Neal Matticks (Co-Clerk) and Pamela Thomas

Moderator of Session and Pulpit Supply Preacher, Reverend Anne Conroy

United by a shared faith in a loving God

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